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Staying Ahead of Fall Risks in Villa Park

If you have a Senior loved one, you probably are familiar with the term “Fall Risk”.  By definition, a fall is an event which results in a person coming to rest inadvertently on the ground or floor or other lower level.  Anticipated falls may occur when a patient whose score on a falls risk tool indicates she or he is at risk of falls.  For seniors, this can be especially dangerous even fatal.  Falls do no simply occur out of nowhere and cannot be attributed merely to age.  In many cases, one or more risk factors is at play in a fall-risk factors are elements that raise the likely hood or possibility to a medical condition or issue.  A-1 Home Care believes in solving problems before they materialize.  Proper planning prevents poor performance.  Identifying and understanding the risk factors of a fall can stop many scary situations before they even develop.

What are the most common risk factors associated with falling?

The loss of strength in the muscles, notably the legs, is recognized as on the biggest factors of risk with falls.  Seniors with decreased muscles strength are at a heightened risk of succumbing to falls.  Exercise, walking and stretching regularly are all ways to preserve muscle strength.

The balance in our steps and the manner in our walk are also important factors.  There are several factors that may come into play with regards to inhibition of balance.  Diminished balance can certainly play into a fall and things like arthritis among other medical conditions (and their treatments) place seniors at a higher risk of a fall.

Not having a handle on your blood pressure can affect many parts of the body.  There is a condition known as postural hypotension which drops blood pressure to unsafe levels when rising to a stand from a sit down or lying position.  This may be a result of insufficient hydration or medications.  This has also been linked to diabetes and Parkinson’s, so if you or your loved one experience any of these symptoms, you should speak immediately with your physician.

Our feet are usually the first part of us that makes contact with the floor, so any issues with that connection can spell trouble for those already at risk of a fall.  Footwear that is unsafe or painful can be signs telling you to take precaution.  Dressing for safety pertains to our feet as well-dress the part.

It is reasonable to understand that a large number of falls will happen in the home.  This is where the majority of one’s time may be spent and is no secret why over 50% of falls do occur in the home.  Risks in the home that can be managed include: loose/insecure rugs, clutter that may accumulate on the floor/stairs, transporting objects that may be too heavy for one person by themselves, and a lack of railing along: stairsets, hallways, bathrooms.

A-1 Home Care wants you to know that if you feel your loved one is a fall risk being home along, put your worries to rest!  Our expertly trained and compassionate home care professionals are available for 24 hour live in or hourly schedules.  We are State Licensed, Bonded and Insured for peace of mind.  All of our experienced and diverse senior care givers come with verifiable professional references and CPR certified as well as first aid trained.  Call us today at (562) 929-8400 or (949) 650-3800 to learn more!


parkinson care altadena a-1 home careNow that people are living longer, thanks to medical advancements in technology, we must find a way to improve the quality of life – not just for the elderly patients but for their family members as well.  According to a study, from 2007-2014, family caregivers filled out a questionnaire for self-assessment.  Results show an overwhelming majority of caregivers feeling high levels of depression which persisted for at least a year or more.  These caregivers had elderly loved ones who were linked to mechanical ventilators in intensive care units (ICUs).  When a family caregiver’s mental, physical and emotional health is compromised, so is the patient’s full recovery.  A-1 Home Care in Villa Park helps families minimize caregiver burden and ameliorates depression with compassion and quality care.

24-Hour Affordable Home Care Optimizes Patient Recovery

A-1 Home Care in Villa Park mitigates an intense, emotionally stressful situation by offering high quality in-home care through our seasoned, prescreened and certified caregivers.  From hospital-sitting to hospital discharge to care at home, our 24-hour caregivers do it all:  serving as a liaison between medical professionals and the family, transportation, and making the transition from hospital to home as smooth as possible.  Skilled and knowledgeable with best practices, our caregivers are familiar with hospital protocols and in-home care procedures.  You can rest assured that our care managers will walk with you every step of the way so you can feel supported all the way.  Round-the-clock in-home care entails meal preparation, light housekeeping, errands, bathing, grooming, personal care, and transportation to regular appointments.

About A-1 Home Care

Licensed, bonded and insured, A-1 Home Care was established in 1991 as a non-medical home care agency serving seniors and their families in Villa Park and throughout Orange County.  We assist the elderly and adults with disabilities with high quality in-home care such as Alzheimer’s Care, Parkinson’s Care, Lou Gehrig’s Care, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer Care, Kidney Disease Care, Stroke Care and more.  Thanks to our dedicated team of highly skilled caregivers, A-1 Home Care continues to be one of Orange County’s top home care agencies for more than two decades. We provide relief to the full-time family provider and compassionate care to the elderly loved ones, making quality in-home care accessible through affordable payment plans.

For affordable 24-hour senior care, call A-1 Home Care today (949) 650-3800 or visit today.  Caregiving services are available in Villa Park, Fullerton, Anaheim Hills, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Tustin and other cities throughout Orange County.

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Villa Park In-Home Diabetic Care: Foot Care, Essential to Health

footOne of the hallmark traits of Diabetes is the swollen feet.    Excessive levels of sugar in the bloodstream destroy the nerves in the feet, desensitizing them to pain.  If you happen to cut your foot or have a blister, you would not be able to feel it.  A minor cut could lead to serious repercussions such as foot amputation if you don’t pay close attention to your feet.  This probably sounds drastic, but if you think about it, these extreme situations happen because people don’t realize their feet are infected until it’s too late.  A-1 Home Care in Villa Park provides 24-hour Diabetic Care to help you or your loved one manage symptoms of Diabetes and maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent foot amputation.

Certified Nurse Assistants at Your Disposal 24 Hours a Day

If you cannot reach your feet to trim your nails regularly, you can count on an in-home caregiver to help you.  Oftentimes, seniors with excruciating back pain or other disabilities have a hard time cutting or cleaning their own feet; with a caregiver from A-1 Home Care, you no longer need to bend over, strain your back or worry about slipping in the bathtub.  You can get a nice washing and pedicure in your very own home to keep the circulation going and diabetic symptoms from getting worse.  It’s nice to have a live-in caregiver check your feet every day for splinters, injuries, blisters or calluses; on top of that, you can enjoy round-the-clock assistance with meal preparation, house cleaning, bathing, grooming, personal care and transportation anywhere in Villa Park and beyond.  This includes social visits and trips to medical, dental and optical appointments!

Affordable, High Quality Diabetic Care

A-1 Home Care in Villa Park offers affordable, reliable, and highly skilled Diabetic Care at the most competitive rates in Orange County.  Choose from a culturally diverse pool of certified, prescreened caregivers, home health aides, nurse aides and licensed vocational nurses for 24-hour care or part-time respite care a few days a week.  Licensed, bonded and insured, A-1 Home Care is a non-medical agency that ensures senior safety and satisfaction so that families can have a peace of mind!  If you’re on a budget, no worries!  Our care managers will work with your schedule, level of care and finances so you can have quality Diabetic Care at a fraction of the cost of other companies.

For Diabetes Care, call A-1 Home Care today (949) 650-3800 or visit today.  Caregiving services are available in Villa Park, Fullerton, Anaheim Hills, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Tustin and other cities throughout Orange County.

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Villa Park Senior Care: Transitioning from Mobility to Immobility

a-1 home care in home handicap careSeeing one’s elderly parent transition from mobility to immobility after an unexpected fall is tough on adult children.  Your parents probably still want to retain some shred of independence, as this transition is emotionally debilitating for them as well.  A wheelchair, walker, or combination of both will give your elderly loved one some independence to do things on her own, but going to the restroom or taking a bath will inevitably pose a challenge.  A-1 Home Care in Villa Park offers varying levels of in-home assistance based on your loved one’s needs.


Be it recovery from surgery, knee replacement or a sudden fall, temporary and long-term in-home care services are affordable for seniors everywhere in Villa Park, Fountain Valley, Anaheim Hills, Tustin, Yorba Linda, Cypress, Irvine, and other cities throughout Orange CountyA-1 Home Care provides the physical and emotional support for the whole family in the initial stages of transition and well beyond that.  Do you know the proper techniques of lifting and transferring without injuring yourself, or do you feel comfortable helping your father use a bedpan or bathe him?  You can take advantage of a live-in caregiver who may train you on all the proper procedures; no matter what you decide, A-1 Home Care will be there to assist you on any occasion.


A-1 Home Care in Villa Park is a licensed, bonded and insured agency that was established in 1991.  For 25 years, A-1 Home Care has partnered with local hospitals, pharmacies, home medical equipment companies, rehabilitation centers, and other patient care companies to give you the best resources Orange County has to offer for senior care.  A-1 Home Care is registered with the Better Business Bureau and is a member of the National Care Planning Council, Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce, Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, Santa Fe Springs Chamber of Commerce, Torrance Chamber of Commerce and Shield Accreditation.  Adhering to the highest standards of practice and code of ethics, A-1 Home Care promises you integrity, compassion and commitment.


 To hire a caregiver, call A-1 Home Care today (949) 650-3800 or visit our website

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Care at Home For Seniors & Elderly in Villa Park

arthritis prevention

As we age, health issues seem to be happening more and more frequently.  For seniors and elderly, it is important to take charge and be proactive about their health.  The male mentality often lead to stubbornness and refusal to pay the doctor a visit, but here are a few important questions posted by the AARP that every man should discuss with his doctor.  In this information age, there are many articles and reports on whether men should be screened for prostate cancer regularly, and it can become confusing.  It is best to ask your doctor about your risk factor, and whether options to screening is right for you.  According to the Cleveland Clinic, an annual physical should including screening for blood pressure and cholesterol, while blood sugar levels should be tested every three years.  Lastly, seniors and elderly who have weight problem and are looking to exercise to get healthy should note that if there is a higher risk for heart disease, a stress test before beginning the exercise regimen.

For those seniors and elderly who need a little help at home or constant monitoring to prevent falls or other emergency, A-1 Home Care in Villa Park offers dependable at home caregivers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Whether it is 24 hour live in, hourly care, Parkinson Care, Alzheimer Care, Arthritis Care, Incontinence Care, After Surgery Care, Postpartum Care, Cancer Care, and other Senior Care services.  Over the 20 years as industry leader, we have received thousands of testimonials from satisfied clients, and we are proud to have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.  So if you have elderly loved ones who lives in Villa Park, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Corona Del mar, Santa Ana, Anaheim Hill, Irvine, Tustin, and cities around Orange County, you can trust A-1 Home Care as your source of at home care.

Call 714 523 4010 for your free in home assessment, or visit Villa Park In Home Care to learn more.

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Behavioral and Mood Changes from Stress

a-1 home care beverly hills cancer care

Acute or chronic cases, stress happens to everyone.  Some simply manages and copes with the issue better than others.  Mood changes for example, some individuals can get very irritable and angry from stress, while other simple falls into a depressed state of mind.  The mood changes can also affect how a person behave as well.  It may lead them to make more irrational decisions such as drugs and alcohol abuse, overeating or undereating, and social withdrawals. These are just some of the examples on how stress can not only affect the person dealing with the issue, but those surrounding them as well.  So if you have a loved one who is stressing out, then have a discussion about their problems, offer support, and suggest stress management techniques to help them lower their stress.

If you want to keep your senior and elderly loved ones in the comfort of their own homes instead of assisted living facilities, then A-1 Home Care in Villa park should be your home care agency of choice.  We have been in business for over 20 years, and we have the experience in finding the most compatible caregiver to match with our clients.  We specialize in Arthritis Care, Kidney Disease Care,  Cancer Care, Parkinson Care,  Incontinence Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, Post Surgical Care, Brain Injury Care, Alzheimer Care,  and other senior in home care needs.  Areas we cover include Villa ParkCosta Mesa, Anaheim Hills, FullertonYorba Linda, Westminster, Garden Grove, Tustin, Newport Beach,  Irvine, Buena Park, La Mirada, or other cities in Orange County and Los Angeles County.

For any questions or concerns, call 714 523 4010 for more information, or visit Villa Park In Home Care to learn more.

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Villa Park Alzheimer’s News: The Miracle of Music

parkinson care altadena a-1 home careIs your elderly loved one a big fan of music or was he a musician himself?  Music is the universal love language that transcends all linguistic barriers, and it does wonders for Alzheimer’s patients in music therapy.  From reducing agitation to improving mobility, music therapy has been shown to increase levels of melatonin, norepinephrine, serotonin, and prolactin in seniors’ brain chemistry.  These chemical changes in the brain are believed to be reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Forms of Music Therapy

Do you ever start daydreaming about a happy event that happened years ago when a radio starts playing a certain song?  The same thing occurs when therapists deliberately play songs that stimulate happy memories for the elderly.  This type of therapy is called “music association.”  One song can mean two different things to two people, so caregivers have to pay attention to an elderly person’s response to a song, especially if the caregiver does not know the senior very well.

If your loved one is able to walk without too much trouble, a caregiver would encourage your parent to dance and engage him or her in joyous physical activity that gets them moving.  Physical exercise won’t feel like a workout if your loved one’s favorite music is being played.  This type of therapy, “agitation management,” is applied when the elderly person is displaying signs of frustration.  A caregiver can diffuse hostile behavior and redirect the elderly person’s attention to happy activities like singing, dancing, rhythm playing, and other structured activities.

In the middle or late stages of dementia, the elderly may lose ability to connect with their family.  To generate gestures of affection, certain types of dancing, like ballroom dancing, can encourage hugs and kisses, sparking a chance for the senior to connect or reconnect with loved ones or his caregiver.  Reciprocal engagement in dancing fosters emotional closeness.

Home Care & Music Therapy

Under the direction of your loved one’s music therapist, A-1 Home Care’s nurse aides and companions apply techniques to help your loved one at home.  A live-in caregiver will be invested in experimenting with various forms of music therapy and report back to your medical team about the results.  A caregiver who gets to know your loved one 24 hours a day, seven days a week, will have a pretty good idea of what makes the elderly person tick.  In addition to applying music therapy techniques, certified nurse aides also help around the house like prepare meals, do light housekeeping, and provide toileting care.

To hire a certified nurse assistant (C.N.A.), call A-1 Home Care today (714) 523-4010 or visit us online for more information on Alzheimer’s Care.  Service areas include Villa Park, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, and other cities throughout Orange County.

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What is Gout?

a-1 home care elder care calabasas

Arthritis is not a specific disease, but it is a word that describes over 100 types of joint inflammation.  Gout is one of the more common types of arthritis in this country, and it affects joints with an attack of sudden burning pain, swelling, and stiffness of the joint.  Gout attacks the joint because there are an abnormally high level of uric acid in the blood, the excess uric acid forms tiny hard crystals in the joints, causing the inflammation and pain. Risk factors of gout include obesity and excessive alcohol or meat consumption. This may also be why men are more likely to have gout attacks than women due to the increased risk from high animal protein consumption. Luckily, there are ways to prevent gout attacks.  First, stay hydrated with plenty of fluids because it can help prevent crystal formation in the joints.  Moreover, certain dietary practices can help manage uric acid in your body.  Finally, there are also medications doctors prescribe that can effectively manage the pain and inflammation from a gout attack.

During Arthritis Awareness Month, learn more about the different types of arthritis, including gout, and raise awareness about the disease that is affecting millions and what you can do to manage the symptoms.

Gout or any type of arthritis can greatly reduce the quality of life among seniors.  It can affect them physically and emotionally because of their inability to complete normal tasks. Our caregivers at A-1 Home Care in Villa Park can assist you under any home care scenarios.  A-1  is licensed, bonded, and insured, and has been an integral part of Orange County and Los Angeles for over two decades.  Our mission is to provide reliable and quality caregivers to ease the stress and worries among seniors wishing to age in place at home.  Whether it be Arthritis Care,  Alzheimer Care, Incontinence Care, Parkinson Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care,   Diabetes Care, Post Surgical Care, Kidney Disease Care, Brain Injury Care, and other senior care needs, your elderly loved ones will be in good hands with our experienced home health aides.  Our senior care coverage areas includes  Villa Park, Anaheim Hills, Tustin,  Newport Beach, Fullerton,  Irvine, La Mirada,Westminster, Yorba Linda,  Costa Mesa, or surrounding areas in Orange County and Los Angeles County.

Inquire service today by calling us at 714-523-4010. For more information about our service, please visit us at our website

a-1 home care arthritisBecause brain cancer affects personality and behavior, people with mental illness are more likely to be diagnosed with brain cancer sooner than others who don’t have a mental illness. Other major symptoms to look out for include the following: seizures, clumsy gait, speech difficulties, memory problems, changes in vision, nausea in older people, and sudden onset of fever. Smoking is a common behavior pattern found in those with mental illness; it is not surprising for doctors to find lung cancer, brain cancer and mental illness together.

Coping with any kind of cancer is difficult. With the assistance of trained professionals, patients with cancer can benefit from in-home care services such as personal care and grooming, light housecleaning, meal preparations, medication reminders, and transportation to doctor appointments and social events. Family members do not have to worry about leaving their loved ones alone if they know that a trusted caregiver or companion is there to tend to their needs.

Call A-1 Home Care today to find out more about Cancer Care! (714) 523-4010 or visit to see the wide range of services we offer. A-1 Home Care is a licensed and bonded non-medical agency serving communities in Villa Park, Yorba Linda, Anaheim Hills, Westminster, Costa Mesa and surrounding neighborhoods.

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Villa Park Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

hHaving Alzheimer’s Disease is like losing one’s mind over a period of time. It is a form of dementia that affects your cognitive ability to remember things, perform complex tasks that require organized thought, and behave in a rational manner. In its advanced stages, Alzheimer’s can be dangerous. An elderly lady who loves to cook may forget to turn off the stove when she’s cooking. An aging school teacher may forget how to spell simple words like “tablespoon” or “sugar.” The once capable adult becomes a child inside an aging body and one day may lose the ability to enunciate words clearly. It is terribly devastating for family members to watch their loved ones slowly waste away.

In order to cope with the advancing stages of Alzheimer’s, families turn to knowledgeable and skilled caregivers for assistance with daily chores like bathing, grooming, meal preparation and medical reminders for their loved ones. The fully functioning adults cannot always be home to help, and the children are too young to know how to take care of Grandma or Grandpa. A-1 Home Care offers specialized Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care to reduce the distress at home.

To schedule a free in-home assessment, call (714) 523-4010 or visit our website for more information about Alzheimer’s Care in Villa Park, Orange, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove and surrounding cities.

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